Make Small Places Seem Big

chairWishing you had more square footage?

Here are ideas to maximize the space you have.

  1. Let furniture float.Move furniture in from the edge of the room, leaving at least 36 inches of space so people can pass comfortably, and angle the pieces inward to create a cozy spot for conversation.
  2. Cover the territory.Opt for a large rug in place of a small accent rug. Your carpet should extend just under the edge of your furniture.
  3. Expand your horizon.The bigger the mirror, the larger the room will seem. A mirror should take up no more than three quarters of the wall.
  4. Aim high.Whether it is floor lamps or a bookcase, opt for tall pieces. Even rooms with low ceilings can benefit from the height.


Less is more. Know when to say when. Having too many accessories can clutter your space. Stick to a well-edited mix of accents (votives in the same color, say, or throw pillows in the same print) to pull your room together.

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