Color, it surrounds us, it speaks to us, and it influences our moods.  It is a powerful indicator of our personality and some experts say color can impact us in achieving personal goals.  Therefore, the judicious use of color in our homes should be complementary with our lifestyles and ambitions.

This is a list of attributes associated with various colors.  Although colors have both a positive and negative connotation, for the sake of simplicity, I will focus mainly on the positive qualities and the best use of the color in your home.

BLUE:  may lower blood pressure; may decrease appetite; helps to focus inward.  It is tranquil, calm, peaceful, mysterious.  Not the best choice for kitchens; good for bedrooms, meditation areas.  Can help rooms feel larger and more airy.

RED:  may raise your heart rate; may increase appetite; creates positive energy.  It is sensuous, warm, powerful, joyful.  Good for dining rooms, bedrooms, creative offices, and to stimulate conversation.

GREEN:  harmonious, relaxing, rejuvenating, refreshing.  Good for bedrooms, living rooms, offices.  Can help rooms feel larger and more airy.  Provides a link with nature.

YELLOW:  happy, intelligence, orderly.  Can elevate mental activity; adds cheer.  Good for work areas needing light.  Not best choice for bathrooms, meditation areas.

ORANGE:  high energy, spontaneous, bold.  Best for kitchens, playrooms.  Not a good choice for bedrooms.

PURPLE:  regal, sprituality, dignified, powerful.  Best used sparingly, as in a pop of color.

PINK:  aids in calmness, serenity, and relaxation.  Has a feminine quality.  Avoid using in rooms used by both genders.  Use sparingly.

WHITE:  classic, cleanliness, innocence, godliness.  Wear white at job interview-shows you have nothing to hide.  Avoid white in cold climates, public places where people don’t know each other.  Can be used in contemporary and traditional surroundings.

BLACK:  expresses strength, solidarity, independence, mystery.  It’s a great accent in most rooms.  Avoid large amounts of black.  Not best in children’s rooms, healing areas and reading areas.  Can be used in contemporary and traditional surroundings.

BROWN:  sophisticated, sensual, restful and confident.  Good for bedrooms and living rooms.

For a fun personality & color quiz, try taking the Personal Color Profile at Pratt and Lambert:  http://www.prattandlambert.com/color/personality-quiz/interior/

For more information on the virtues and symbolism of color:  http://www.voiceofcolor.com/

And to “try” paint in a room, visit the Color Visualizer at Sherwin Williams: http://www.sherwin-williams.com/do_it_yourself/paint_colors/visualizer/

If you are staging your home for sale, understand that neutral, soft colors will appeal to a broader range of buyers then will exciting reds, yellows or pinks.  If you choose to paint the dining room red and the kitchen yellow, you may potentially lose buyers that absolutely want a move-in ready home and cannot live with the color choice (and for some reason can’t or won’t repaint!).  Many professional home stagers recommend neutrals for walls such as: beige, tan, caramel, linen, oyster, ivory and other neutrals for a broader appeal.  You can still have punch and personality through fabrics, wall art, pillows, plants, area rugs and other simple or decorative accessories.

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